Thursday, November 5, 2009

Capture the Color

Fall is upon us, and I couldn't be happier! Fall is one of the greatest seasons for many reasons, but the most obvious reason is the brilliant colors everywhere. Sure the leaves are gorgeous in all of their vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds, but there is another reason that I love this season so much; the color temperature of the light. The light of early mornings and late afternoons are perfect for picking up and complimenting the subtle warm hues of ambers, yellows, and rusty reds. It's an ideal time for family portraits as they can get outdoors, enjoy the space and feel like a family. Autumn portraits also have a great informality about them, so it's easier to relax and simply be yourself. No more stuffy formal wear; just casual comfortable clothes that reflect your true personality and allow you to let that shine. So bring a colorful sweater, break out the scarves and furry boots. Let the rosy cheeks abound. It's time to show Spring that Fall is truly the better of the seasons when it comes to pictures. ^_-

Side note: This is also the time of year to start thinking about and scheduling your sessions for Christmas cards and gifts. Availability is limited and will only get harder to come by as the holidays get closer. E-mail, FB message, or call (901-647-3414) to book your appointment and reserve your date and time.

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