Monday, March 12, 2012

And a Little Bit Rock N Roll

Every day, every client, every session I strive to outdo myself from the time before. I live for the unattainable illusion that one day I might be able to perfect what I do so that it reaches the peak of excellence. Each day, each client, each session reminds me that I am always growing and learning to express, not just my own style and desires, but the desires of my clients and of my subjects. It's not unusual to do the pretty pictures with lots of romantic sensuality, but every once in a while I get asked to do something a little further out of the box. This was one of those sessions. This vixen is beautiful with porcelain skin, firey red hair, and a personality that will set you at ease and yet let you know who's really running the show all at the same time. Once she smiles, you instantly feel like her new best friend. But she also has a sexy side that's a bit hardcore. I had such a great time with this that I can't even write anymore. I'm just going to post one of the images and let your jaw drop as much as mine did when I saw it through the viewfinder. Rock and roll celebrity perfection...

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