Thursday, March 15, 2012

Compliment vs Creeper

It’s not unusual for me to strike up conversations with complete strangers. I love people, and I always think that there is something special about themselves that they’ve overlooked or have taken for granted. It’s like a need that I have to let them know what that is and bring a smile to their face. I have no problem going up to a woman, that I don't know, and telling her that she smells nice, has great hair that frames her face flatteringly, is wearing incredible earrings/shoes, or whatever it is that catches my eye about her. We’re constantly surrounded by beauty, and a lot of it is strolling nonchalantly passed us as we go about our daily routines.

Walking up to someone and trying to awkwardly explain that they have a look that makes me want to photograph them is difficult for me though. I certainly don't want to be viewed as a "creeper". (@_@) That would kinda suck. Some people just have something about them that draws you in and makes it difficult to look away. This evening, that type of person walked into the same venue where I had just finished an appointment. She had an elven princess look about her, and the synapses that control the creative portion of my brain immediately started conjuring possible photographic concepts centered around her particular look. Instead of running up to her and blurting out some strange version of "OMG! You've just inspired me," I finalized my client notes from the evening and began to pack up my things. I chit chatted with one of my favorite baristas, was rewarded with an unexpected “happy”, and prepared to head home and get started on the day’s client orders.

As I walked out through the front doors, and bid farewell to some of my favorite regulars, I happened to glace to my left. There sat the beautiful young lady and her mother enjoying their coffee. What to do? What to do?? I took a chance and walked over. I’m sure that I was stumbling over my words a bit in an attempt not to sound like the dreaded “creeper”, but I think I was fairly coherent. Had she ever considered modeling? While I’m not an agent, I would love to help her build a portfolio or simply create a photo session customized just for her. To my surprise, the mother informed me that the girl didn’t believe that she was as beautiful as the mom and I obviously did. I gave them my card, thanked them for allowing me to interrupt them, and left them to enjoy the rest of their evening. Whether they contact me or not is of little consequence. What matters to me most, in this instance, is that this young girl truly knows that she is gorgeous.

As women, I think we all tend to think less of ourselves and our worth than others think of us. Every girl should grow up believing in her own beauty, both inner and outer. As those girls get older and become women, we should continue to reinforce that knowledge. Each of us is wondrously and magnificently made.  


  1. You are so right, we as women have so many pressures and expectations of what society deems as beauty these days. It changes like the wind but it always seems to be unattainable. Going up to her was obviously the right thing to do, maybe she will step out of her comfort zone and see what you and her mother see.